Environmentally Friendly Eating

One of the easiest ways we can help reduce our impact on the environment is to try to eat in a more environmentally-friendly way. These don’t have to be big life changes! There are lots of small choices you can make that add up to a big impact. Here are just three small ways that you can choose to eat more environmentally friendly!

Choose Sustainable Seafood.
Sustainable harvesting is defined as catching or farming a species in a way that focuses on the long-term survival and success of the species, and the ecosystem. Did you know that Ocean Wise offers a guide to sustainable seafood? It’s a comprehensive list of all types of seafood, how they’re farmed, where they’re from, whether they’re farmed or wild – and finally, whether they are part of the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program. Ocean Wise consults with a variety of researchers, organizations and current literature to create these guidelines. Being able to see the Ocean Wise certified logo in the grocery store makes it much easier for consumers to choose their seafood and support the sustainable option. Click here to learn more about the Ocean Wise Seafood Program.

Start Vegetarian Thursdays.
The environmental impact of raising cattle for meat is very large – between the methane gas that they produce, the land that they use and the water that is required. Start having ‘Meatless Mondays’ or a different day once a week where you only eat vegetarian foods. Substitute chickpeas for chicken, try tofu instead of turkey, and add lentils instead of beef in your favourite dishes. There are some seriously delicious vegetarian pasta, tacos, soup and stir fries recipes out there. Click here to view some great veggie recipes!

Grow Your Own Garden.
Eating locally is a very sustainable way to live. Without the costs of importing global items, you are creating less of an impact on the environment. Planting your own vegetable or herb garden is a great start! Plus they have the added benefit of being grown organically. If you’re on the North Shore, check out Maple Leaf Garden Centre for all of your garden needs.