Top 3 Environmental Documentaries to Watch This Fall

Yes, it is officially fall. In fact, it’s felt a bit more like winter here on the North Shore these past couple days. When it’s sunny out, it is perfect weather to check out the tidepools at the shoreline or take a walk at the dog beach. But when it’s raining? Not so much! Rain and cold weather is the perfect storm for a hot cup of tea and some Netflix. Here are my top three recommendations for environment-related documentaries that you can enjoy for the cinematography AND to learn something new.

1. A Life On Our Planet
You’ve probably seen or at least heard of wildlife documentaries narrated by the great Sir David Attenborough – think of the series Planet Earth. A Life on Our Planet is different, because in this film, the focus is much more on Sir David Attenborough’s life as a naturalist. He has been to all seven continents and seen more species than you can even imagine – but he has also seen devastating changes over the years. This documentary serves as an educational and informative wake up call for changes we as a society need to make.

2. There’s Something In The Water
Released in 2019, There’s Something In The Water highlights a major issue of environmental racism in Nova Scotia. The industrial pollution of the fresh water supplies of local Indigenous communities is quite shocking, and the documentary provides much-needed awareness of the environmental damage that is occurring. This is not just something that happens in other parts of the world; we need to stop this from happening in our own backyard.

3. Mission Blue
Mission Blue is a documentary by the legendary “Her Deepness” – marine biologist and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle. It focuses on the importance of marine protected areas, which are parts of the ocean that have some level of protection or sustainable use of marine wildlife. This is helpful not only for at-risk species, but also for communities that rely on the marine wildlife for food. Mission Blue is an inspiring ocean-related movie, with a great role model in Dr. Earle.

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