Tips for an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Yes, it is almost time for the holidays! 2020 may have seemed like the longest year ever, but we are finally approaching the end. And what better way to celebrate than having a cheery holiday season? The fact is, the holidays are going to look a little different this year anyway, so why not try out some tips to make your festivities more friendly to the environment!


  • Support Small Businesses – You will probably find some cool artisanal gems you won’t find anywhere else, plus you are supporting an awesome local business. Don’t know what to get? A gift card is never a bad idea. Some of our North Shore favourites include the Bakehouse, the Anchor Eatery, and Ambleside Animal Hospital.
  • Reuse It – This can have a couple meanings…
    -Re-gift (or as it is now known – “upcycle”) a gift that you never used. There’s got to be a better home for it out there!
    -If you have leftover wrapping paper or gift bags from previous years, use those to wrap gifts! Or if you get the Sunday newspaper, once you’ve read it, use the pages to wrap gifts and finish off with a nice bow.
    -Look for gifts that the recipient can use for years to come. A nice t-shirt can last for a while, whereas a one-time-use face mask comes in more packaging and has to be thrown out immediately. There are also gifts made to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, check out the Vancouver Aquarium Gift Shop for the animal lover in your life!


  • Look Locally – If you’re lucky and you live near a farm, you might be able to get some fresh seasonal foods at all times. If not, have no fear! You can find out what’s in season using the BC Farmer’s Markets website (click here) and then look for these fruits and veggies at your grocery store.
  • Try Plant-Based – Yes, the holidays are traditionally a time for roasting turkey, ham or other meats. You need not go all out on tofu turkey or “Tofurky” (though you can if you want to!). Try incorporating a tray of roasted veggies as a side instead of bacon brussel sprouts. Or maybe get a smaller amount of meat and sub in more plant-based sides (ie. caesar salad, glazed carrots, cabbage rolls, mac and cheese). With a little diversity, nobody will even notice!