Tidepool Sculpin

Oligocottus maculosus

Photo by Szymek S. on flickr.com

Tidepool Sculpin are some of the most common fish you will find along the North Shore. These small fish are often found in tidepools, but may be hard to see due to their easily camouflaged patterns. Tidepool Sculpins like to live in sheltered areas, and tend to return to the pool that they were born in if they are moved. Did you know they can actually breathe air when they are out of the water? This comes in handy when they get stuck in shallow water with low oxygen. Sculpins eat small crustaceans and worms; they are carnivores.

Information from E-Fauna BC: https://linnet.geog.ubc.ca/efauna/Atlas/Atlas.aspx?sciname=Oligocottus%20maculosus & https://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/academic-resources/slater-museum/exhibits/marine-panel/tidepool-sculpin/