Green Shore Crab

Hemigrapsus oregonensis

Photo by Lindsay Waldrop on

Green Shore Crabs are a very common type of crab to find on the North Shore. They tend to range in colour from green to grey or lighter colours, and often have a pebble-like pattern. They are usually fairly small, between three and four centimetres. Like the Purple Shore Crab, Green Shore Crabs also live in the shallow inter-tidal zone and use rocks for hiding. If you turn over a rock in a tide pool in West Vancouver, you are almost certain to find a Green Shore Crab!

Crabs have 3-4 pairs of walking legs plus a pair of claws, which they use to feed and defend themselves. Crabs are crustaceans; like shrimp and lobster, they have a hard shell or ‘exoskeleton’ to protect themselves.

Information from E-Fauna BC: