Lottia asmi

Photo by Cayley Elcombe

Limpets may just look like shells, but these are some pretty cool creatures! Limpets are intertidal invertebrates, meaning that they live in the areas of the shore that varies between being underwater during high tide and uncovered during low tide. Limpets can often be found on rocks along the shoreline. You can think of Limpets as the snails of the sea – they are soft bodied, herbivorous organisms that are protected by a hard shell. This conical shell provides good protection from waves and makes it difficult for predators like shore birds to grasp. As well, the soft body of the Limpet includes a very strong muscular foot that is able to grasp on to the surface it lives on very tightly. If you try to pry it off, you are unlikely to succeed! Limpets are not usually very large, a couple of inches at most, and come in a variety of colours.

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