Purple Shore Crab

Hemigrapsus nudus

Photo by rebafay on flickr.com

Purple Shore Crabs are one of the types of crabs that you will see on the North Shore. They like to live in the inter-tidal zone, where the ocean meets the land, in shallow water. In particular, these crabs like areas that are rocky, as they use these rocks as hiding places. Purple Shore Crabs are pretty small, between two and five centimetres , and can vary in colour from dark reddish-purple to brown to a greenish colour.

Crabs have 3-4 pairs of walking legs plus a pair of claws, which they use to feed and defend themselves. Crabs are crustaceans; like shrimp and lobster, they have a hard shell or ‘exoskeleton’ to protect themselves.

Information from E-Fauna BC: http://linnet.geog.ubc.ca/efauna/Atlas/Atlas.aspx?sciname=Hemigrapsus%20nudus