Orcinus orca

Photo by Andre Estevez on Pexels.com

An Orca, also known as the Orcinus orca (which is its scientific name), is a marine creature that belongs to the ocean. An Orca’s most common name is “Killer Whale”. A Killer Whale is the largest member in the dolphin family. A Killer Whale is black and white, its upper half of the body is black, while the bottom half of the body is white. A Killer Whale also has a white patch near its eye to trick its predators of where its real eye is. Orcas do this to create a false target.  

Orcas eat sea birds, squid, octopuses, small sharks, seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, penguins, seagulls, stingrays, crabs and sea turtles, rays and fish. Orcas may be considered extremely greedy animals as they eat many different species as well as the fact that they eat about 227 kilograms of food a day.  

Orcas live in all oceans however they are most commonly found in colder waters. Orcas live in a family, also known as a pod and Orcas also hunt in pods.  Every day, Orcas travel about 75 miles and depending on what kind of Orca they are, they may hibernate.  

Unfortunately, Killer Whales are endangered; there are possibly only 50,000 left. A fun fact about the Orca is that they can grow up to 23-32 feet, which is about as long as a school bus! Another fun fact is that a female Orca can live up to 29 years while a male Orca may only live up to 17 years. Overall Killer Whales are very interesting marine creatures!

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