Steller Sea Lion

Eumetopias jubatus (monteriensis)

Photo by Vancouver Aquarium

Steller Sea Lions can be found in the waters around British Columbia. They can be seen in West Vancouver, but sightings are rare. Steller Sea Lions are considered dimorphic – females and males have very different characteristics. For example, Steller Sea Lion females can grow up to 300 pounds, but the males can grow up to 800 lbs! Steller Sea Lions normally eat a diet of octopus as well as fish like rockfish and salmon. Females eat 11-22 lbs of food per day, while males eat a whopping 22-45 lbs of food per day. Like the harbor seals, Steller Sea Lions are also part of the pinniped family, which also includes walruses. Pinnipeds are marine mammals with fin-feet. Steller Sea Lions were listed as being at risk under “Special Concern” most recently in the 2013 report by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). One threat that could seriously endanger the populations of Steller Sea Lions is increased tanker traffic and potential oil spills.

Information from E-Fauna BC:

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